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The result of collaborating between me and my good friends :iconrosscoso: and :icontohokari-steel:, for our upcoming Fate RP, which'll later be adapted into a story.

Name: Robert the Bruce

Title: King of Scots

Class: Rider

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful Good

Weapon: Aside from his Noble Phantasm Weapon, the Sword of Wallace, the Bruce's primary "weapon" of choice is the steed that he once rode with during his battles against the English, which he can summon forth as his primary steed of choice--a palfrey horse, small in stature, reared for speed and agility rather than the sheer brute force of a usual royal warhorse. This was used in his baited trap for Henry de Bohun on the first day of Bannockburn, wherein he had his horse evade the powerful charge with its speed and cleanly killed the man with one blow from a battle axe he had been carrying though the weapon's shaft broke after the attack... ironically, the only regret he has about the risky manuever, that battle-axe having been a favourite of the Bruce's.

Its individual stats, compared to a Servant's, are:
  • Strength: D
  • Endurance: D
  • Agility: A+
  • Mana: D
  • Luck: B

  • Strength: B
  • Endurance: D
  • Agility: B
  • Mana: C
  • Luck: D

Class Skills:

Riding - A: All creatures but those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be used as mounts. This rank is high enough to have aptitude for the Rider Class.
Magic Resistance - C: Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against Magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.

Individual Skills:

Bravery - B: Able to stand firm against many adversaries, negating mental interferences from any Skills with a rank equal to or lower than Rider's.
Charisma - B: Suitable for a king of a country.
Battle Tactics - C+: A tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Bonus modifiers are provided during use of one's own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing against an enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

Noble Phantasms

The Sword of Wallace

Title: Determination That Is Incorruptible

Rank: A+

Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

Maximum Number of Targets: 3

Description: The legendary blade of rebel William Wallace, passed down onto Robert the Bruce, the Sword of Wallace is a large and mighty claymore: a blade almost four feet in length, capable of decapitating three men with a single swipe. Imbued with the spirits and undying will of Wallace, the Bruce and the many Scots that fought and died in the name of Scottish independence under their command, the Sword of Wallace is a symbol of defiance against suppression of a ruler and, subsequently, it cannot be corrupted nor stolen from Rider by most known means; not even the legendary Knight of Honor Noble Phantasm of Lancelot being able to steal the sword. Only William Wallace himself, it is believed, would be able to take the blade from Rider's hands if the two were ever to meet on the battlefield of the Holy Grail War. The wills of the Scots flowing through it, in Rider's hands, also gives the blade a greater damage output against English-born Servants. However, if the Sword of Wallace were in the hands of William Wallace, its Rank would be increased to an A++, and its ability would evolve into a boost in all Parameters by one rank each against royal adversaries; a true weapon of rebels.

Blàr Allt nam Bànag

Title: The Day That Freedom Was Won

Rank: EX

Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

Maximum Number of Targets: 1000

Description: Rider's strongest Noble Phantasm; not a weapon but, in fact, a Reality Marble that, through which, Rider projects his memories of a day that forever burns in his heart onto the physical plane. Subsequently, this pulls him, his Master and any - ally or adversary - in the vicinity... to the fields on which the Battle of Bannockburn were fought. It was on Bannockburn that the Scots delivered a decisive, crushing defeat to the armies of Edward II of England that forever changed Scottish history, and it was on Bannockburn that Rider proved his true worth as the King of Scots. And it is on Bannockburn, once more, that Rider is reunited with his army--the brave warriors that had fought, triumphed and/or fallen under his banner--now Masterless Servants, all with an E-Rank Independent Action and, whilst lacking in classes and Noble Phantasms, all armed with the very weapons they carried with them on that fateful day.

So, first and foremost... yes, I am on this account... Long story short, I cannot actually get on my :iconbrave-king-shishio: account on any computer that is not my own laptop at the moment, so I am stuck relying on this one for the time being.

Anyway... on Robert the Bruce...

Many immediately would decide that, if there was to be a Scottish Servant in the Holy Grail War, William Wallace is a necessity. And while I agree with this viewpoint, I also feel that - amidst the fascination with Wallace (including that of an Australian douchecanoe that led to one of my all-time least favourite movies being brought into existence) - Robert the Bruce, outside of Scotland, has been overlooked. While Wallace inspired rebellion in Scotland, it was the Bruce that led them to the final decisive victories and consequentially became its King. And exploring the Bruce as a Rider-Class Servant was an interesting challenge in and of its own.

However, the links between the Bruce and Wallace also could not be ignored. And the Sword of Wallace, ultimately, became that quintessential link.

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